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Signify launches new 3D printed lamps at Milan Design Week

New Philips MyCreation product by Basten Leijh displayed at Aectual's Bar Infinite 3D printed installation


Signify unveiled a new pendant lighting fixture from the Philips MyCreation range along with the Bar Infinite installation by Aectual at Milan Design Week 2024. Created in collaboration with industrial designer Basten Leijh, the lamp draws inspiration from the concept of fabric layering, typical of the fashion world. It was envisioned to seamlessly blend design illumination, sustainability, and 3D printing innovation.

The powerful message of the circular economy associated with this fixture came to life through the captivating Bar Infinite installation, open until Sunday, April 21, at the Dutch pavilion within the Masterly exhibit at Palazzo Giureconsulti. The stunning bar was 3D printed for Signify by Dutch company Aectual using polymer-aluminum composite pellets from recycled Tetra Pak cartons as part of an inspiring and yet highly practical exercise of circular and sustainable, technological and artistic, creativity.

A new light

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, presented the new pendant lighting fixture as part of the Philips MyCreation range, born from the application of 3D printing technology to the lighting world, allowing for the integration of design, sustainability, and innovation in perfect harmony.

The lamp draws inspiration from the concept of fabric layering, typical of the fashion world, allowing for the creation of a fascinating layered lighting effect. Each layer stands out thanks to its different shades: the innermost layer features a delicate hue, complemented by a bold white with a translucent finish in the middle layer, and finally encapsulated by a third and last layer with various shades of translucent white, pink, or satin bronze. These particular nuances are made possible through the use of recycled materials to the extent of at least 55%, using sustainable production technology that, due to the small irregularities resulting from the starting material, makes each lamp a unique and original piece. Finally, with a standard E27 fitting, this fixture comes in two different sizes, small and medium, thus adapting to any installation context, from private residences to professional environments typical of the hospitality, retail, and fashion sectors.

“We are deeply excited to further expand the devices in our Philips MyCreation range with a lamp capable of meeting both the needs of consumers and those of the hospitality sector, as well as design and architecture professionals,” said Carlos Alberto Loscalzo, CEO of Signify for the Italy, Israel, and Greece markets. “We are aware that the values underlying this important circular economy project are strongly felt in a country like Italy, where sustainability awareness is increasingly widespread. In this context, we have decided to participate for the second consecutive year in Milan Design Week, now a major international event for the design world, which today cannot do without integrating innovation and sustainability.”

The 3D printing process developed by Signify is designed to reduce waste and promote a circular economy in all its phases. The result of employing this new technology is the range of Philips MyCreation 3D printed lamps created to support circular economy with sustainable lighting products. Designed to be custom-made and therefore realized in a few weeks, Philips MyCreation lamps can meet the customization needs of both end users and professionals through a wide catalog of colors, transparency options, and textures. This new pendant lighting fixture from the Philips MyCreation range will be available for purchase in Italy starting in June.

“The challenge I faced was to make the lamp less technical and more visually harmonious. Hence the idea of layering one after the other, just like a beautiful garment that gently drapes over the body. In doing so, the natural lines of the material and the effect of light further enhance this draped effect, creating a fascinating impact on the observer,” said Basten Leijh of Bleijh Industrial Design Studio.

Welcome to Bar Infinite

The lamp was presented at Milan Design Week 2024 in the context of a captivating installation named Bar Infinite, an entirely 3D printed space created as a collaboration between Signify, Aectual, and Dutch Originals, open until Sunday, April 21, inside the Dutch pavilion ‘Masterly – The Dutch in Milano,’ at Palazzo Giureconsulti, Piazza dei Mercanti 2, every day starting from 11:00 am. The opening event saw the involvement of numerous guests, including three renowned Dutch designers – Basten Leijh of Bleijh Industrial Design Studio, Hedwig Heinsman of Aectual, and Richard Hutten of Gispen – Dutch Originals – who illustrated their journey towards the search for innovative designs brought to life through the use of new sustainable technologies, as in this case, 3D printing.

Entirely 3D printed from recycled materials, Bar Infinite invites people to meet and share ideas on circular design and endless creativity. The opening of Bar Infinite also marks the launch of the Infinite Desk, a new customizable standing table concept by Aectual.


Aectual designed and 3D printed the half-open floorplan of the bar shaped like a C, referencing to its circular material use. This shape also enables visitors to enter the bar and experience it from the inside, where it functions as a display for new 3D printed lighting features by Philips MyCreation. Moreover, the design encourages interaction as visitors can stand on either side, engaging as makeshift bartenders, fostering lively conversations.

All 3D printed parts of Bar Infinite are made from recycled waste materials that can be repeatedly re-used due to Aectual’s 3D printing and recycling process. The terracotta-colored counter is 3D printed from recycled beverage carton material, recycling over 30.000 drink cartons.

The 3D printed semi-open screens are made from recycled plant-based plastic that has been used at several fairs in the past. All items are part of Aectuals take-back service, meaning that post use they can be returned, shredded, and reprinted, ensuring full circular use.

The opening of Bar Infinite for Signify also marks the launch of the Infinite Desk, a new customizable standing table concept by Aectual made from recycled drink carton material. It boasts infinite design possibilities—you can tailor its dimensions, patterns, colors, and even incorporate space for greenery. It comes with 2 wooden tabletop options, rubberwood and poplar wood, each from waste origin. Infinite tables can directly be customized and ordered via Aectuals online configurator. But it doesn’t stop there, as more out-of-the box shapes can also be digitally generated and manufactured by Aectual for a totally custom look, as is demonstrated by the curved counter of Bar Infinite.

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