Rollo Studio presents stunning 3D printed Sun Lamp collection

The Aureole lights seen at Milan Design Week were produced with binder jetting technology


This year, at the Milan exhibition, Rollo Studio launched a new extension to its luminary repertoire – four new additions to the Sun Lamp Collection on display at Palazzo Giureconsulti. In a divergence from their predecessors, these novelties boast a more compact form, making them perfectly suited for an array of spaces, without sacrificing their luminous impact.

What sets these new creations apart is not just their size but their extraordinary surface geometry. Each lamp is a testament to the studio’s relentless pursuit of innovation, featuring distinct textures that play with light in mesmerizing ways.

Celestrial sunflowers In a cosmic garden

The Aureole Collection isn’t just about lamps; it’s about crafting extraordinary art pieces. These experimental creations are born from the fusion of cutting-edge sand binder jetting 3D printing technology and the enigmatic beauty of black sand. Like celestial sunflowers in a cosmic garden, these lamps exude an otherworldly aura, invoking a sense of wonder and mystique.

“As the founder of Rollo Studio, I am deeply committed to using nature as a source of inspiration and then combining it with modern tools and digital fabrication techniques to create a unique form language. My design philosophy is centered around embracing craft in the digital age, with a focus on material and lighting innovation,” Rollo Bryant, the visionary behind Rollo Studio, explained. “As a designer, I have always been fascinated with naturally formed organic structures and have developed an aesthetic identity of similar character and taste. I have aimed to create structures that look as if they’ve almost grown straight out of the ground, resembling the wild and untamed character of organic matter.

Rollo on

Rollo Studio, is an avant-garde design brand that is reshaping the global design industry with its cutting-edge approach to sustainable lighting products. Since its inception in October 2020, Rollo Studio has swiftly risen to prominence, captivating design enthusiasts and earning accolades by participating in major design weeks and
securing representation in prestigious galleries.

At the heart of Rollo Studio’s ingenuity lies in its commitment to biomimicry – the art of drawing inspiration from nature’s finest designs and processes to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products. With a specialization in contemporary lighting pieces for interior design, the studio seamlessly integrates organic geometry and earthy materials, pushing the boundaries of modern technology while cherishing traditional craftsmanship.

“We are Rollo Studio, and our mission is to create a harmonious blend of nature and modernity. By employing digital fabrication techniques and modern tools, we transform nature’s wisdom into captivating forms,” shared Bryant.

As pioneers in their field, Rollo Studio leverages computational software to merge freehand sculpting with digital fabrication, resulting in captivating and sustainable designs that are unlike anything seen before. Sustainability forms the bedrock of Rollo Studio’s creative journey. By utilizing sand, a renewable resource, the studio breathes life into its various Collections, seamlessly marrying biomimetic design principles with the natural beauty of Earth.

Rollo Studio firmly believes that sustainability goes beyond the mere reduction of waste and energy consumption; it’s about fostering an intrinsic bond between individuals and their environment.

“Our commitment to sustainability extends to every facet of our work. Through our designs, we aim to inspire appreciation and stewardship for the world we inhabit,” emphasized Bryant.

Rollo Studio continually explores innovative ways to reduce its environmental footprint, not only in its production processes but also in the themes it passionately embraces. Notably, collections like ‘Urban Stem’ exemplify the studio’s dedication to sustainability by focusing on increasing biodiversity in urban spaces and creating artificial habitats.

With each project undertaken, Rollo Studio exemplifies how design can catalyze positive change and a brighter, more sustainable future.

Printing masterpieces

For the creation of the Aureole Collection, the team embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Germany-based companies Exone and Sandhelden. Traditionally, sand printing found its niche in crafting sand molds for metal casting, primarily serving the automotive industry. However, seeing beyond convention and recognizing the intrinsic potential and beauty of sand as a final object.

Through innovative techniques, they developed a method to infuse the sand structure, substantially enhancing the strength and durability of the 3D printed pieces. This advanced binder jetting process, applied to sand, unlocks possibilities previously unattainable with more conventional 3D printing methods.

With this collaboration, the studio’s aim was not only to illuminate spaces but also to push the boundaries of organic design, harnessing the capabilities of these machines. The result is a collection that blurs the lines between art and technology, a testament to the limitless potential of visionary collaboration.

An Ode to nature’s intricate beauty

Inspired by the complex forms of the sunflower’s inner disk flowers, the Aureole Collection is an ode to nature’s intricate beauty and a testament to the studio’s biophilic design principals. The aim was to explore spiraled structures that intertwine with each other, folding and curving to create layers of depth. Each lamp has its own unique surface geometry to distribute and diffuse light and shadow in different ways.

As you move around the lamp, the spirals seem to gravitate, pulling you into their mesmerizing embrace. But it’s when you stand directly in front that the true magic unfolds. The pattern harmonizes into a visual synchrony, leaving the observer without a clear focal point, the experience becomes almost hypnotic.

This collection challenges conventions, blurring the line between functionality and artistry. These lamps are not merely sources of illumination; they are portals to a world of experimentation, luxury, and uniqueness. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, creating not just lamps but statements that ignite conversations and enhance contemporary spaces.

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